Classroom Psychology

Dr Cora Sargeant


Some seeds must pass through fire before they can grow; ELSAs contain the blaze and nourish the earth ready for the child to plant roots.

ELSA supervision groups:

Group 1 next session – Thursday 15th June at Bemerton St John’s Primary School at 1pm.

Group 2 next session – Monday 19th June at Harhnam Infant School.


ELSA resources:

The Hampshire Library Service recently published a book list for ELSAs. These are highlights from that list.


Set in the jungle, Monkey is happy living on his own. When the Little One arrives he destroys his peace and they find it hard to communicate. When Little One disappears Monkey realises how much he missed his company.


Image result for green lizards vs red rectangles


A rather visually inventive story about conflict and its destructive nature. Don’t worry, they reach a peaceful resolution eventually (oops, spoilers).


Image result for I'll wait mr panda


A story about patience. Penguin is the only animal who will wait to see what Mr Panda is cooking and guess what… he loves the result.


Image result for the whopper ashdown



This is a story about the importance of telling the truth. Entertaining but with a strong message.




Robbie discovers the difference between when it is OK to tell a ‘tall story’ and when it is important to tell the truth.





Anna is feeling left out when everyone is too busy looking after her twin baby brothers.



A book that looks at same-sex marriage.


Image result for bee the yes



A book about building self-confidence. The Yes is determined to get where its going but the Nos want to stop it. A story about determination and resilience.



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