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Stonewall School Report 2017

This week Stonewall released their School Report 2017 detailing the results of a large-scale survey of LGBT young people in the UK. Some of the results of this report are startling and show the ongoing need for work in schools to improve the situation for LGBT young people in the UK.

If you’re interested to learn how schools can improve the situation for transgender young people I can recommend the GIRES website, which is full of resources, and the Cornwall Transgender Schools’ Guidance.

Podcast Episode 6

Hello everybody and welcome to Classroom Psychology as the podcast makes its long-awaited return from hiatus. Episode 6  is all about belonging, so sit back, relax, don’t stop concentrating on driving, but enjoy.

Episode 7 is going to be about positive psychology, so watch this space.

The Quest for Perfection

While I’m working on a few things in the background including season 2 of the Classroom Psychology podcast I thought I’d draw your attention to the new training on social media and perfectionism in the Training Hub.

The training combines some of the work of Simon Sinek on parenting styles and social media use in adolescence with Mindset theory, Attribution theory, the dyadic model of self esteem, and the Self-regulation model of narcissism. One of the really interesting things that came out of my reading is the possibility of a cycle where young people with their now characteristically low implicit self-esteem can use social media as a tool for admiration seeking to maintain their explicit self-esteem. In so doing young people construct an unrealistic and very positive image of themselves that can be reflected back to them in likes and comments. Of course the upshot of this is that social media ends up exhibiting countless unrealistic representations of people, who appear more successful, emotionally stronger, happier, and more beautiful (not least thanks to filters) than they really are. Young people’s prolific use of social media leads them to see these representations and get an unrealistic sense of what is normal and in comparing themselves to this new norm they find it hard to feel implicitly good about themselves. Of course in order to feel better about themselves they reach for their phone, take a selfie in the perfect position with the perfect light from the perfect angle, add a filter, look as happy as they can, post it online, and wait for the likes to come in. Thus they contribute to the problem for countless other young people who look at this newly posted photo and think ‘If only I was so perfect’.


Hi everyone,

As you might have guessed the podcast is on hiatus for the moment while I recover from surgery. Rest assured, however, that the Classroom Psychology Podcast will be back just as soon as I am well and have returned to work.


Episode 5

Hey there podcast listeners!

Episode 5 entitled ‘Attachment‘ is now available for your listening pleasure. Sit back, relax, pour a glass of wine, and cringe as I criticise your parenting. Not really, your parenting is amazing. Probably.


Episode 4

Hey podcast listeners,

Episode 4 entitled ‘Divergent thinking‘ has been released for your auditory enamoration.


Episode 3

Hello podcast listeners!

Episode 3 entitled ‘Self-Control‘ has now been released. We should now be back to our scheduled monthly programming.

I’m a little behind with the show notes and references but rest assured they will be published shortly.

I hope you enjoy; comments are always appreciated.

Thanks for listening!

The Training Hub

Hi everyone!

I’d like to draw your attention to the new Training Hub. The hub contains links to all of the trainings I have given for delegates to peruse.

I’m running a little late on episode 3 of the podcast Classroom Psychology, things have been very busy lately but I hope to have episode 3 up within the next couple of weeks and then I’ll be back on track for monthly releases again.



Episode 2

Hello everybody!

Episode 2 of the podcast is available entitled ‘self-esteem‘. I think the name of the podcast is going to be Classroom Psychology, but I’m not sure yet; if you have any thoughts or suggestions please put them in the comments.

As usual the show notes will shortly be available for your perusal.

Next month’s episode will be on ‘self-control’. Enjoy!

Hello everybody and welcome to the podcast.

This is the very first in what I hope to be a long line of podcasts bringing research in education and psychology to the fingertips, or rather the earlobes, of educational practitioners. The first episode is called ‘Praise‘. The show notes can be found here for those of you who prefer to read than listen, and references for the research used to inform the show are at the bottom of the show notes.

Please leave comments and share with everyone you think might be interested.

Thanks for listening.

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